5 Super Fast Breakfast Ideas

easy fast breakfast ideas
5 super fast breakfast ideas

Mornings can be a rushed affair. Things to be washed, brushed, cleaned, ironed, made and sorted. You are exhausted before you even step out the front door.  Breakfast can be forgotten in the rush, maybe you grab something from the cupboards to eat on the way to work, or buy something on the way to work, or just plain forget to eat at all. 

Spending a few minutes getting a good breakfast ready can be so beneficial. Starting the day with some fuel inside you can help you concentrate more, provide you with energy, and can ease the mid-morning munchies.

I’ve come up with 5 super fast breakfast ideas that I have used in the past when I’ve had really early mornings (pre-5am!), and need something to grab and go.

1. Bircher muesli

This one is always a winner.  Make a batch on Sunday and keep it in Tupperware in the fridge for the week. Each morning it’s so easy to transfer some to a smaller container to take for the day. The recipe I always use is one found from my work’s cookbook. It was recently featured in YEN magazine, as part of Australia’s Healthy Weight Week too!

2. Yoghurt

I have been loving a tub of yoghurt, with a chia seed shot and a piece of fruit as a quick breakfast to take with me. I sprinkle the chia seeds into the yoghurt before eating.

3. Chili eggs

Last winter this breakfast was a staple for me. Put two eggs in a mug and mix a little milk then put into the microwave for 30 seconds. Top a piece of grainy toast with the cooked eggs and season with pepper and chilli flakes. Warming and nutritious!

4. Oat bar

If I know I have a busy week coming up, I normally make a batch of something hearty (oats and nuts feature heavily) and take one with me as well as a piece of fruit. 

5. Leftovers

A different savoury option. A small bowl of dinner leftovers (something like ratatouille and vegetable stew works well for this) topped with an egg and microwaved for a couple of minutes is a great quick, hearty start to the day.

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