10 Healthy Snack Ideas

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When the mid-morning munchies strike, keep healthy snacks on hand to tide you over until your next main meal.

Is it ok to snack between meals?

A couple of small snacks a day in between main meals provides extra nutrition, stabilises blood sugar levels and stops us getting too hungry (meaning we are less likely to overeat at the next meal).

Not everyone feels hungry in between meals, which is fine, but if you feel a little low in energy or hungry in between breakfast, lunch or dinner, try some of my favourite healthy snack ideas below.

1. Chic-nuts (roasted chickpeas)

chic nut

Roasted chickpeas, sounds strange, right? Trust me on this one – chick nuts are fantastic snack (hence them sitting at the number 1 spot on this list). Not only are they cheap and convenient, but they are are low in fat, high in fibre and count towards one of your vegetable serves a day. Make your own here, or find them in the health food aisle at supermarkets.

2. Yoghurt

Yoghurt (1)

My unwavering love for dairy sees yoghurt sit at number #2 for my favourite healthy snacks. A tub or yoghurt is a convenient, nutritious choice.  Take a look at my guide to yoghurt to find the best one for you.

3. Hummus and vegetable sticks


A classic, but with good reason. Hummus with carrot sticks, cucumber, sugar snap peas or any other raw vegetable is the perfect way to bump up your vegetable intake in between meals. Make your own with this recipe, or save time and buy a tub.

4. Tuna and crackers

tuna cracker

High in protein, Omega-3’s and fibre, this combination will tide your hunger over until your next meal. Take a look at my guide to crackers to find the best one for you.

5. Popcorn (try out some new flavours)

Perhaps it’s a surprise  to see popcorn on the healthy snack list, but if you avoid the caramel and butter covered kernels and stick to air-popped, it’s actually a very healthy option.

Try making your own flavour combinations at home with a spray of flavoured oil and spices:

  • Truffle oil and a few grinds of sea salt
  • Olive oil, smoky paprika and a dash or two of Tabasco.
  • Olive oil, garlic powder and nutritional yeast (for a cheesy hit).

6. Edamame beans

Not only are these little pods fun to eat, but they are high in fibre and protein as well as being a good source of iron and Vitamin K. Simply buy a bag of frozen beans, and thaw as needed.

7. Banana sushi


Not just for children; adults can have fun with food too! Spread nut butter over a wholegrain tortilla or mountain bread, sprinkle with cinnamon and lay a banana at one end. Roll it up and slice thinly. For an extra challenge, eat with chopsticks.

8. Protein Balls


Bliss ball, or protein balls are an easy option. It does mean spending a bit of time making them up, but double or triple the recipe and simply freeze the leftovers. I prefer to eat mine frozen anyway! Try my Chocolate Orange and Cardamom bliss balls here.

9. Crackers and guacamole


If time permits, make up a batch of wholegrain crackers and dip for a wholesome, filling snack. I love Mary’s Gone Crackers, but as they are expensive, I make my own gluten-free version found here.

10. Apple sandwich


I love this one! Have fun with food and make up an apple sandwich. Core an apple and slice into thick slices. Spread one side with nut butter and sprinkle muesli over it. Top with the second slice.

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  1. Lana Hirth says:

    Great list! My standard snacks are often a piece of fruit, some veg, yoghurt, a piece of toast or a small smoothie. I’ll have to try making some of these (especially the chickpeas)!

  2. This is awesome! I’m definitely gonna try some of these this week… Especially those incredible protein balls!

  3. The best snacks are the ones that are easy to make, taste great, and fill you up without weighing you down.

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