Food Trends for 2019

I’m back! Few topics bring me as much joy as this does. Lover of the novel and unique, I am always looking for new and interesting food products to try. In 2017 I predicted yak milk and blue coffee as some of the trends to keep an eye on, and while Smurf Coffee is officially a thing, I sadly have yet to see yak milk being stocked at my local supermarket.

I’ve sourced some weird and wonderful items that you may very well be trying this year. Read on for my predictions of what will be on your plate sometime soon…

Orange wine

You’ve heard of red and white, but have you heard of Orange Wine? Once ancient and obscure, it’s now hip insiders’ favourite. While the name suggests it’s made from our favourite citrus, in fact, orange wine is made using white grapes.  It’s just made using a different method. Instead of removing the grape skins after the grapes are pressed, as is standard for white wine, the juice is fermented in contact with the skins resulting in an orange-coloured product.

How does it taste? Sommeliers liken it to a strongly brewed iced tea, explaining the grape skins kept in during fermenting lend a richer flavour than white wine. But is it healthy? I’ll let you decide that one for yourself.

Vegan Love

As more people open up to the ethical and environmental issues around consuming animal products, plant-based versions of nearly every food can be found. Whether it’s vegan mince, vegan eggs or vegan cheese – the interest is only increasing.

And even if you are not a fully fledged vegan, flexitarians (someone who occasionally opts for meat-free meals) are as likely to buy and try these foods. My dad swears that Quorn mince, a vegetarian mince option is the best mince he has ever tasted. And coming from a true-blue, meat-loving Aussie, that is high praise indeed.

Despite this love for vegan-friendly foods, I’m sad to report I yet to see or try the bacon-flavoured seaweed I wrote about a while ago. If anyone knows where I can get some in Australia, let me know!

Mushroom coffee

Will you be waving goodbye to your morning caffeine-fix in exchange for this fungi fad? Lion’s Mane, reishi and cordyceps are some of the medicinal mushroom varieties being touted as a healthier choice.

Manufacturers claim a dose of powdered mushroom can provide enough vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to boost brain power, decrease stress and increase energy. Sooo…basically everything caffeine does anyway?!

Keep an eye out for mushrooms appearing in other drinks as predictions for the popularity of this new superfood are optimistic.

Fermented foods

Kombucha, a fermented tea product, has gained momentum over the past year as a healthy drink choice – but I predict that other fermented foods will appear on our plates this year.

Research into gut health has shown the probiotics found in fermented foods help relieve many gut issues. This has led to a rise in the popularity of fermented foods. So keep an eye out for kimchi, kefir and natto as other fermented flavours.

Green Banana Flour

Green banana flour is a gluten-free flour made from green, under-ripe bananas. It is used as one would use flour in cooking. With the controversial Paleo and Keto diets showing no signs of slowing down, followers of the diets are spruiking green banana flour as a vital supplement to boost fibre and resistant starch (a type of gut-friendly fibre) intake.

Paleo and Keto diets shun many carbohydrate-containing foods such as fruit, vegetables, beans and legumes, potentially resulting in a diet very low in fibre and resistant starch. So followers suggest green banana flour as a supplement to boost the nutritional content of their meals.

Pea Milk

I have written about this already, but at the time of writing, pea milk was only available in America. However, I recently spotted this in my local Coles here in Australia. The plant milk market is huge with dairy-free, soy-free and nut-free alternatives big business.

Made from yellow peas, pea milk is higher in protein, a source of Omega-3 and a good hypoallergenic option compared to other dairy-free milk. Watch out for added sugars in some versions.

Have fun exploring all the new products around this year!

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