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There are a variety of possible reasons for why you haven't started menstruating.

17 and haven't started my period. You are not 24 to be that worried because of this, it is not good to lose your mind asking yourself why you don't have a period. My mother started at twelve, and my grandmother started at 14. Id advise going to your gp, there maybe sumit behind it, but as people have said, some start up to the age of 18/19, jsut be thankful for now, you dont have to out up with period pains, and all.

If you haven’t gotten your period by the time you’re 16, it’s a good idea to check in with a nurse or doctor, like the ones at your local planned parenthood health center. No one can tell you exactly when your period will start. You’re likely to get your period.

About 6 months to 1 year before a girl gets her first period, her body may start to make vaginal discharge. I agree with your hubby about the hormones thing because even though i had stopped the gland that produces milk was still quite high (according to my blood work) i did start to see my family practice doctor after a period of time of not having. Kendal23 over a year ago.

15 and havent started my period. I'm 17 and i still haven't started my period. Since you are 17, it would be important for you to schedule an appointment with your primary care provider.

What if i never get my period? I’ve been on birth control for about 4 months and still haven’t had a period. Absent menstruation, or amenorrhea, is the absence of menstrual bleeding.

It is a condition that requires careful medical testing, diagnosis, and treatment. This is usually about 2 years after the first signs of puberty appear. During puberty, the vagina starts to produce a discharge that can be white or clear.

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So i’m 17 and i just started my first period in may and i haven’t had a period yet and its been like 4 months like i’m 5’2 and 92 pounds is it because of my weight or can stress do it because i have really bad stress and anxiety like i’m freaking out because i scared to never have one because can it kill you for not have them? The white discharge is called leukorrhea: 🙂 i didn't get mine until a month after my 14th birthday because i really really skinny.

I started having sex for the first time about a month ago, and we used protection and i had my period and it was fine. 15 and havent started my period. If you are a teenager over the age of 15 and haven’t yet started your period, or you have started your period but it has stopped, this usually isn’t a cause for concern.

After i had my first child, i breastfed for 4 months, and still did not have a period even after i stopped breastfeeding. You are some 3 years later in seeing a gynecologist about it. I am past your age and haven't had sex but at what age you do is really your personal preference.

Girls who get their first period later than average often find that their moms or other female relatives also went through puberty later than average. However, if it doesn’t improve, it could also. Some girls, though, might not be getting their first periods for other reasons.

Why haven't i started my period yet. Your periods will start when your body is ready. During puberty, the vagina starts to produce a discharge that can be white or clear.

I’m worried that something is wrong what should i do? Often it can take a few years for your hormone levels to balance out and for your periods to become regular. I am having vaginal pains and i havent started my period yet.

You might want to ask your mom when she got her period. When to see your gp. Im now im 15 and i have not started my period my twin satarted it last year but i dont no if i will start it because i have an under active thriod gland please help me find wat is wrong xx.

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In girls, the first signs of puberty tend to be breasts beginning to develop and pubic hair starting to grow. Girls who have reached the age of 16 and are still asking why haven't i started my period may have a condition known as primary amenorrhea characterized by a lack of menstrual flow. Most girls begin their periods between ages 10 and 14 years old.

I’m 17 and have pcos, i still never had a first period and have been told by my doctor that the birth control i’m on should start my period. Periods are supposed to start sometimes between 10 and 17. Maybe see a doctor and about the other thing, matter of personal preference as to when you have your first sex.

Please give me a bit more information, so the gynecologist can help you best. The gynecologist will need to help you with this. So, your period is probably on its way.

However, a healthy menstrual cycle can range from every 21 to 35 days. See your gp if you have not started your periods by the time you're 16. I have known women who didn't start until age 18.

Some girls don't start their periods until later. Just because you're 14 and haven't gotten your period yet doesn't necessarily mean that anything's wrong with you. It also occurs then a woman fails to menstruate.

I started after i started hanging around my 'fat friends' a lot more and i started eating like crazy when i was around them. Pubic hair, arm pit hair and i've lost alot of weight in my face. But it eventually happens to every healthy girl in the world.

Dw too much i started when i was about 16/17 to be honest, i was abit underweight and i think that may have had an impact, but i went to my gp and they advised me on a new diet and its fine. I’m 17 but i haven’t goy my period my friends got them at 9 but i haven’t. They can discuss different reasons why you haven’t started your period yet.

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My friend didn't get her period until she turned 17 as she did a lot of sports (at least 2 hours a day). Natural causes include pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menopause. Masturbation and your period are in no way related, so don't worry.

Common reasons for a shy first period are extreem athleticism, eating disorders, being underweight, inherited late puberty, extreme stress, or you are simply a late bloomer. I've had puberty signs, for instance. There are a few reasons why your period might not be.

It happens when a girl hasn’t had her first menstrual period by age 16.

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