Lume stops bacteria from feeding off our fluids, which in turn prevents the odors from happening. It's a fragrance, not an aftershave.

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Unscented (which does have a slight smell) and the popular lavender sage.

Best lume scent bay rum. The unscented and the new silver spruce scent comes in lotion form. Enjoying a renaissance today, this historically masculine scent of spiced bay leaf and citrus is sure to become a fast favorite for all. The best part is that it accomplishes all this while still maintaining the healthy physiological ph of your skin.

Lume’s natural soap for face and body is super sudsy Lume contains naturally derived ingredients without the harmful chemicals many popular deodorants include. The barberry coast bay rum formula is an excellent choice due to the natural, chemical.

This one can be used as either an aftershave or cologne. Watch us do the smell test to see which one we like most. The smell of lume’s core product is unpleasant.

The bay rum plant is in the clove family, so some bay rums have a very clovey vibe to them. Barberry coast was able to pull this off because of the authentic blend of oils and spices. The other scents are in traditional deodorant packaging.

It’s great for shaving too! Ogallala as an aftershave is quite long lasting. Evaluation of ingredients what’s inside?

Have you ever laid down on your pillow, only to realize that your pet has been drooling on it? The taconic’s bay rum shaving soap comes with hints of spicy cinnamon and a refreshing citrus scent, which lingers subtly on your skin. All of the five scents in this bundle have two ounces of soap in woody scents that include bay rum and silver spruce.

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The best thing i’ve come up with is that it smells like dried spit. Lume natural soap for face & body is super sudsy and gently cleanses while leaving your skin moisturized and feeling fine! I too was ready to recommend ogallala as a long lasting bay rum.

Plenty of spice and booze with virgin island bay rum, but less of the leaf. As always, ymmv, especially depending on your skin chemistry. The west indian bay leaf has long been hailed for its superior natural deodorant qualities.

Get all of the scents that you love in this bundle, which lets you pick up to four scents. This 3” round shaving soap comes packaged in a protective container. 3 scent pack (2.2 oz sticks):

If you want a quality aftershave, then you must go all natural. Some of their scents are strong enough to cover it up (jasmine rose), but then of course you get the strong smell of that. This 5 piece bundle will last well into next year!

Previously they had 2 scents: It’s designed to provide protection for up to 72 hours (3 days!). Lume won't strip your skin of its protective acid mantle.

Warm vanilla, bay rum, lavender sage; Master bay rum is the same basic type scent, but it is a lot sweeter, and pretty heavy on the glycerin. Captain’s choice original bay rum is truly one of the top bay rum aftershave products on the market.

Silver spruce, crisp juniper, jasmine rose; Summer scent pack (2.2 oz. Ogallala also makes a cologne.

Awesome if you can find it. Their scent is as close as you’ll get to the first bay rum aftershaves manufactured decades past. Handmade in providence ri from all natural ingredients based on an old local recipe.

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Top 3 best bay rum aftershave reviews 1. If you like bay rum.this is delicious and long lasting. This shave soap puck is designed for men and women to experience a rich and luxurious shaving experience.

One of the best characteristics of the barberry coast bay aftershave would be its authentic bay leaf scent that brings back memories of sailors rubbing dried leaves on their skin. We come by our bubbles naturally! Enjoying a renaissance today, this historically masculine scent of spiced bay leaf and citrus is sure to become a fast favorite for all.

Simply speaking, this aftershave is quite capable of delivering some of the best after shave experience. Lume natural deodorant has 3 new scents. And, depending on the vendor, you can also order the double strength cologne.

Superior 70 is a great basic, as plain as they come bay rum. The rum here is strong, but surprisingly good for the price point. Our traditional propel stick dispenser can be used directly on underarms or use fingertips to swipe the dispensed cream to apply “anywhere else” on your body.

Spiced bay rum leaves with citrus is a timeless and classic scent. Fall scent pack (2.2 oz sticks): First, the skin will be nourished and refreshed after only couple of times use.

Lume is a newer deodorant and smell reducing product you can use all over your body. Bay rum is a timeless scent that has lasted for centuries, with a prominent hints of clove, bay leaves and of course, rum. Pinaud bay rum is very spicy.

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