At the campaign level, you choose your objective, which is the action you want people to take when they see your ads. In the next screen, name your page and type “politician” or “political organization” under category.

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Before you create an ad campaign be sure to connect your social media account(s) through command settings

How to start a campaign on facebook. Again, facebook ad campaigns are the trees of the facebook ads forest. Start the process creating a new campaign object from the class campaign. To do this, create a complete campaign and ad set before you publish an ad for the first time.

Choose community or public figure for your page. Click on the “add payment method” button. Create a campaign in ads manager.

Choose from 11 facebook advertising objectives. Here’s how to create a facebook ad campaign: At this stage, you need to set an objective for your ads, which is the overall goal of your campaign.

So, before you can start advertising on facebook, you will have to set up your billing. I chose a “conversions” campaign since my goal was selling products (not traffic to website or engagement). Let’s analyze the campaign starting from the structure.

The statistics returned will be unique stats, deduped across the ad sets. We recommend that you create a paused campaign initially, so you do not get billed while testing. With campaigns, you can create facebook, instagram, and twitter, digital ad campaigns.

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Go to and log in. How to run facebook ads: To create one, navigate to the “campaigns” tab.

Create a campaign in ads manager. From there, click on the green create button. To create an ad, go to ads manager and select create to get started.

If you prefer to use an existing campaign or ad set, learn to create a. Stay connected with your customers and get to know what they. Each facebook ad campaign is made up of three parts.

Click on the “payment settings” located at the top. Click the “community or public figure” template. People who visited the website in the last 60 days.

After your ads begin delivering, you can query stats for ad campaigns. If you want to create an ad campaign that relates to credit, employment, housing, social issues, elections or politics you must choose the special ad category that best describes your ads. Create a campaign with the reach objective.

Click the ‘create a page’ link. Every facebook ad campaign starts with an objective. Research your campaign to check you’ve got the facts right;

Choose wisely, as the objective has a huge impact on how your ads function and who sees them. A campaign is a grouping of ad sets which are organized by the same business objective. Add your credit card or paypal information, and save changes.

Agree to the terms and get started. Create a campaign in ads manager. Facebook has three objective categories:

The objective you select depends on your strategy. Follow these steps to get started with creating a new social ad campaign: Name your facebook ad campaign and declare whether your ad fits into any special categories like credit or politics.

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Enter your campaign name and click continue. If you want to set up an a/b split test, click get started in the a/b test section to set this ad as your control. Check that you're in the guided creation workflow.

I tracked “purchase” ad event. After setting up your facebook ad account, you can run your first campaign. Each campaign has an objective that must be valid across the ad sets within that campaign.

To create a successful facebook marketing campaign, keep the energy flowing between you and your customers.

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