When should you start your road to hana road trip? The road to hana starts in kipahulu and ends in kaupo on maui.

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Along this road, there are 620 curves (who counted all of those?) and 59 bridges, 46 of which are one lane.

Road to hana start. The road to hana is more than just a great drive through a beautiful area of maui. The road to hana is one of the most famous excursions in maui. The drive connects kahului, where you’ll also find the island’s main airport, to the eastern town of hana and extends to haleakala national park.

Sound's kinda cheesy at first, but they really couldn't be more right, it truly is what you'd expect from a highway to heaven. Drive the road to hana and you’ll cruise past some of the most stunning scenery in hawaii. The official start of the road to hana is in paia town, a beachy neighborhood with cute shops and some good restaurants to grab a bite for breakfast.

We've been researching the attractions on the hana highway since 2002 when the highway first made a major and incredibly positive impression on us. Our loop road to hana tour takes you to the rarely discovered back road of hana. Twin falls are the first accessible waterfalls along the road to hana and is located just past the twin falls farm stand.

The main road to hana starts in kahului (main airport) and goes east/southeast. From spectacular seascapes and taro patches to botanical gardens, this 70 mile/110km stretch has a reputation for being one of the top drives in the world. I don’t regret waking up that early, but i think there is one main thing i should mention that i did not read anywhere online.

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(you can start the road to hana from kahului on hwy 36 and continue east on the same road which becomes hwy 360.) keep in mind that the average posted speed limit is 25 mph. The road to hana winds 52 miles from pa'ia town to hana, crossing 56 bridges, and making some 617 turns. Ultimately it's the journey, not the destination, that makes the road to hana so enjoyable.

We can now offer our visitors nearly 20 years of expertise on this beautifully scenic drive. The scenic road to hana on maui is the undisputed top attraction on the island. The road to hana runs along the northeast coastline of maui on highway 36 and 360.

Is also called the divorce highway. Where is the road to hana? This is the wrong way to do it.

The road to hana is a 64 mile stretch of road that starts in kahului and ends at kīpahulu. The main road to hana starts in kahului (main airport) and goes east/southeast. That said, the road to hana can be busy any time of day, so make sure to be patient and plan accordingly.

Is the longest rainforest highway in the usa. Is a registered historic area. The road that others were talking about, that is not paved, comes from the other direction.

From there, you’ll arrive at the official mile marker zero location for the route, and then it’s 35 miles to the town of hana. For most of the drive, a very narrow road winds through lush, green forests. Most visitors tend to zip to and from hana with a checklist of sights to photograph.

When to start the drive. I started my road to hana itinerary very early. The road to hana begins in pai’a on highway 36.

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How long is the road to hana? Has 617 turns & 59 bridges, many only 1 lane. The “road to hana” is considered to start in paia on the north shore of maui.

Beautiful stops on the road to hana. After mile marker 16, the road becomes highway 360, and the mile markers start all over again at 0. I would recommend hitting the road as close to sunrise as possible.

The road the hana is on the “wet” side of maui, meaning it rains throughout the night and most of the morning almost. The first part of our series on the hana highway is about when to start the drive. We highy recommend doing a tour with large windows, an experienced local guide, and only going to safe, legal, epic spots!

Has 617 turns & 59 bridges, many only 1 lane. Where does the road to hana start? Wherever you begin the day, you’ll drive through kahului and officially being your journey from there, cruising along the hana highway through paʻia and past hoʻokipia.

Starts in kahului and ends in hana. The skyline hawaii tour makes a loop around the island though so it starts in kipahulu and. The road to hana is only 52 miles but the average speed 25 mph.

Below we're going to cover all the pros and cons of leaving early, leaving at the same time as everyone else, or leaving later in the day. Spanning 52 miles (or 64 miles, depending on your end point), the road to hana begins at mile marker 0, a few miles east from paia when hwy 36 turns into hwy 360. Ideally, you’ll want to start the road to hana very early.

This part of maui is known as upcountry. Travels along the edge of many sheer cliffs. Follow these 6 must follow tips for driving the road to hana.

You’ll also want to stop for gas in paia.

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